from those who know

From Ikwo:

"When I look back on my college years and think of the people who were most influential in my life, along with my favorite professors and mentors, Angela comes to mind. Angela was hands-down the best academic adviser I've ever had. Not only is she a wonderful person to talk with, but she's also brilliant when it comes to advising. When I started college and began thinking about what I wanted to do post-grad, my head was in a million different places. Angela helped me stay true to my passions even when I couldn't see them. She helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, and gave me honest feedback in the process. I can truly, genuinely say I wouldn't have made it far in my college years without her wisdom and guidance." ~Ikwo, (Jamaica, New York)

From Justin:

"For my first two years at Columbia, I was fortunate enough to be paired with Angela. I had heard that Columbia had begun to improve its advising offices and she was a great hire. I must say I had no complaints at all with Angela. While I saw some of my classmates groan at the thought of visiting their advisors, I was always greeted with a smile in Angela's office and any of my anxiety was put to rest. Even through a difficult second semester freshman year, Angela was there for me with great advice and taught me ways to navigate the bureaucracy that any college can be. I recommend her 100% for anyone who is serious about their college career. She is easy to work with and will get you through any challenge!" ~Justin (New York, New York)