Thursday, February 21, 2013

are you open to success?

photo by DannyBen

As any coach or advisor should, I write a great deal about goal definition and action planning. It's because you have to know what you want to make it happen. However, I also believe you need to leave room for the unplanned and unexpected.

I've always struggled with this concept. I feel inherently more at east when I have accounted for every detail. But I've realized that over-planning can be an obstacle to success. My few regrets often resulted in turning a blind eye to the opportunity that came out of left field.

In an effort to not let such opportunities pass me by in 2012, I've intentionally chosen the word "Open" to define the year. I'm open to new experiences, new ideas and new paths. I choose to be "open" to what the universe throws my way.

It is this approach that gave me the courage to:
  • Join a Visionary Mom Team.
  • Request mentoring from A Daring Adventure's Tim Brownson.
  • Conceptualize the type and movement workshop that I'm set to co-facilitate this spring.
  • Say "yes" to work projects that have opened unexpected doors.
  • Explore a personal/professional development experience that I've been afraid to tackle until now and
  • Cast my career net high and wide.
What about you? What might happen if you were truly open to what the world has to offer? What would happen if occasionally you said, "yes" even if you didn't know where saying so might lead?