Thursday, February 16, 2012

my mentors

It's no secret that I appreciate the value of mentorship. How often have I encouraged you to identify and connect with potential mentors? Given this, I too have spent a great deal of energy over the last few weeks developing my own connections and creating a circle of mentors. Specifically I joined one of Lisa Work's Visionary Mom teams. Lisa Work is this wonderfully creative and energetic single mom who has built a business with one purpose - to empower moms so they can do amazing things with their life. My "team" is made up of moms from the US, the UK and Canada all of whom are working on self-defined projects. Our calls and online interactions have been invaluable in defining my vision and goals as a wife, mother, and educator. In addition, I have responded to life coach, Tim Brownson's call for a new mentee. If chosen, I anticipate the next twelve months will be a time of radical self-assessment and calculated risk-taking. So exciting!

I practice what I preach, folks.